The Heart Guy presents The Heart of the Matter with Ret. Det. Michael Lollo - Season 4, Episode 9
The Heart Guy presents The Heart of The MatterOctober 12, 2021x
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The Heart Guy presents The Heart of the Matter with Ret. Det. Michael Lollo - Season 4, Episode 9

In this extraordinary episode, Gary has a very personal conversation with Retired Detective, Michael Lollo. Michael started his police career, in July of 1999. Soon after graduating from the Police Academy, Michael was recruited to work as an instructor and then with the Academy Research and Development Unit. In 2006, Detective Lollo went to work for the Real-Time-Crime Center located at One Police Plaza., in New York City. From there, in 2008, Detective Lollo began his work with the Intelligence Bureau, initially in the Sensitive Data Unit and then to the Threat Assessment and Protection Unit, from where he retired on August 28, 2020.

Michael was a Versatile Law Enforcement Professional – a second-grade detective - with over 20 years of experience and leadership. Detective Lallo was Successful in initializing change with proven results, cultivating Law Enforcement relationships, and partnering with governmental and private organizations to successfully coordinate large-scale events, such as The United Nations General Assembly, Fleet Week, New Year’s Eve Times Square Celebration, Parades, and other special operations. 

But, his accomplishments only begin there. Now, we have come to know Michael as an Altruistic Living Kidney Donor which we will talk about today- and as a result, has been a recipient of the Retired Detectives Association of New York’s “ARDY” Award, and Michael was Recognized at the 2019 State of the City Address by the Honorable Bill De Blasio, Mayor of the City of New York.

He has received the NYPD Columbia Association’s “Patrolman Philip Cardillo Humanitarian Award” in (2019), and he is a Living Kidney Donor Mentor, a Board Member of the Brotherhood of the Fallen, and a board member of the New York Chapter of the National Kidney Donation Organization. Michael is currently the President of the National Kidney Donation Organization, based in Connecticut. Michael has been married to his wife Maeghan for fifteen years and they share three children-Jack, Harper, and Claire. Michael notes that both his wife and children were extremely supportive of his decision to donate his own kidney -and without such support, as well as the support of his entire NYPD family, this would not have been possible.

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